7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags and a cause #WomenInCulture.

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Day One: Monday 13th May – #WomenInCulture

Elizabeth J Dickson (14.02.1911-27.07.2003)

Many thousands of women volunteered in the Second World War in a number of roles. On display in our museum, as part of a showcase dedicated to women in the war are war medals and a Civil Defence Long Service Medal belonging to Elizabeth J Dickson. Elizabeth served throughout the Second World War including during the Belfast Blitz of 1941 with St.John’s Ambulance in Belfast.

The Civil Defence Long Service Medal would have been awarded after 15 years continuous service.

We are always interested in hearing about the various roles and experiences of women during the Second World War in Northern Ireland. If you or someone you know have any objects, photographs or stories, we would love to hear from you.

Day Two: Tuesday 14th May – #SecretsMW

Tuesday’s #MuseumWeeek themes is #SecretsMW and we’ve decided to share an item from our collection that was so secret it was ‘to be kept under lock and key’.

As a Bomb Identification Officer in the ARP, Cecil Grossman attended lectures and training in which he was privy to information that the normal public would not have known. His notebook, dated 1941, contains confidental information of ‘Objects dropped from the air’ such as message tubes and auxiliary plywood petrol tanks, alongside German high explosive and incendiary bombs. Another of the notes states that parachute mines were also dropped, just as they were during the Belfast Blitz in April and May 1941 however it was not until 1944 that the British government publicly acknowledged Germany’s use of parachute mines.

Thankfully, this information is no longer a secret and such items help us to tell the story of how Northern Ireland was affected by the Second World War.

Day Three: Wednesday 15th May 2019 – #PlayMW

For #PlayMW we took part in Northern Ireland Museums Council’s ‘Match the Mascot’ Quiz:

Day Four: Thursday 16th May 2019 – #RainbowMW

For #RainbowMW we thought we would share the most colourful item in our museum, our stained-glass window.

Designed by Stanley Murray Scott (1912-1997) the window is a memorial to those who died in the First and Second World War. The central panels record the sacrifice made by people from all walks of life during both World Wars. It bears the inscription, ‘They gave their lives that we might live. We will remember them.’ On either side of the window are two columns of flame with the badges of six services – the Royal Navy, the ARP, the Royal Air Force, the Army, the Nursing Services and the Merchant Navy.

Scott was a leading English glass designer and was chief designer in the stained-glass studios of Reed Millican in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The firm was renowned for its colourful glass of unrivalled quality, in particular the rich ruby red which can be seen in the window.

Day Five: Friday 17th May 2019 – #ExploreMW

For #ExploreMW we are excited to share our new printable learning resources with you. 🎉📝

Visit our website and go to our Learning tab http://www.niwarmemorial.org/education-outreach/ to explore a range of free printable resources that can be used in both the classroom or at home. Some of the resources available include making your own Ration Book and Identity Card, colouring in a Spitfire and deciding which wartime recipe to bake!

We really hope you enjoy using them and we would love you to share your creations with us by using the hashtag #niwarmemorial on social media ☺️

Day Six: Saturday 18th May – #PhotoMW

Here at @NIWarMemorialMuseum we love seeing your pictures and reading reviews and comments from your visits.

Just look at this fab picture from our Culture Night event in September taken by Jessica Rowland 📸

Please continue to take pictures and leave us a review on social media using the hashtag #niwarmemorial. We love seeing our museum from your point of view.

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Day Seven: Sunday 19th May 2019 – #FriendsMW

It’s the final day of #museumweek and today’s theme is #FriendsMW, so we just wanted to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your continued support.

We have made so many friends at NIWM and we hope to make many more! ☺️

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