Peace Day – 19th July

Peace Day – 19th July

Although the Armistice to end the fighting of the First World War was signed on 11th November 1918, the Treaty of Versailles that set out the peace terms between the Allied Powers and Germany was not signed until June 1919.

This is why some First World War memorials, such as that of the former North of Ireland Football Club (now held by NIWM) display the dates 1914-1919.

On this day, 19th July, in 1919 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland marked the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the formal end of the First World War with a Bank and Public Holiday known as Peace Day.

The main celebrations took place in London and these included a victory parade of nearly 15,000 troops led by the Allied Commanders, a speech from King George V and the unveiling of a temporary monument in Whitehall to those who 
were killed and wounded (later replaced by a permanent stone monument in 1920 that still stands today).

It took a few more weeks for towns in Ireland to organise their own events but newspapers, such as the Larne Times reported on the Peace Day celebrations across the country under headlines such as ‘London Lets Itself Go’, ‘Joyous Day in Antrim’ and ‘Armagh’s Fine Display’.

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