The Belfast Blitz – 5th/6th May 1941

The Belfast Blitz – 5th/6th May 1941

On the night of the 5th/6th May 1941, Belfast endured what was ultimately the last air raid on the city.

Described by the Luftwaffe as a ‘nuisance’ raid, a small number of planes dropped incendiaries and high explosives in east Belfast. The worst incident occurred when a mine destroyed two shelters, ten houses and a school at Ravenscroft Avenue and Avondale Street. In total, 14 people were killed in this raid.

Over the course of the Blitz there were approx. 1,000 deaths across Northern Ireland, the vast majority of which were civilian.

The below video lists those that died in Northern Ireland as a result of enemy action in April and May 1941.

Blitz Memorial Reel
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