International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Earlier this year, we worked with Northern Ireland Screen to digitise some recently found cine film footage which was recorded in Belfast on VE Day in 1945. Like many great things, the footage was discovered in a biscuit tin by the filmmaker’s grandson, Clive, who has kindly donated the footage and original camera to our museum collection.

James Newell’s camera

The film maker, James Newell (1886-1964) was born in Kilmood, Co. Down and was the eldest in his family. He went on to become the Works Manager at J.B Ferguson, Chichester Street, Belfast and served in the Ulster Home Guard and as an Air Raid Warden during the Second World War. On 8th May 1945 he recorded VE Day celebrations in Belfast City Centre, Rushfield Avenue and Aylesbury Drive in South Belfast. His son Maurice (b. 1927) now lives in Canada but was recently interviewed for our Oral History Project. He was also in Belfast that day and remembers sailors swimming in static water tanks at the Albert Clock.

To mark this International Day of Peace we hope you enjoy watching the footage James recorded, to which we have added some extracts from our Oral History Collection.

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