Kids in Museums – Digital #TakeoverDay

Kids in Museums – Digital #TakeoverDay

It’s Kids in Museums Digital #TakeoverDay!

Last week on our social media we asked children (young & old) to submit any burning questions they had about Northern Ireland during the Second World War. Today on Kids in Museums Digital #TakeoverDay over experts provided the answers!

Our first set of answers are from our NIWM Chairman, Ian Wilson and our Oral History Project Coordinator Michael Burns. Ian answers some questions on submarine activity and D-Day while Michael shares the process behind recording interviews and shares with us the funniest and saddest stories that have been recorded through our oral history project.

Our second set of answers are from NIWM Trustees, Brian Barton and Ernie Cromie. Brian gives us a closer insight into the facts and figures of the Belfast Blitz while Ernie answers questions about airfields and the RAF.

Lastly, Jenny Haslett, our Museum Manager answers you questions about Rationing and Women in the Second World War, while Alan Freeburn, our Collections Officer answers questions about the NIWM Collection.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question – we have really enjoyed answering them and hopefully you have learnt something new about Northern Ireland during the Second world War.

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