Memories at the Museum

Memories at the Museum

Our Outreach Officer Michael has been busy creating a new Reminiscence video called Memories at the Museum to help staff in care homes and folds facilitate reminiscence sessions with their residents. It can also be used in other settings where reminiscence activities are being held for groups of older people.

The video features objects relating to the Second World War which act as triggers to stimulate enjoyable conversations in a reminiscence session. Following each object there are also some Times to Chat with some suggested discussion topics during which we hope you’ll pause the video and take some time to share your memories.

The objects and Times to Chat are as follows:

  • Baby’s Gas Mask (Time to Chat 3:38)
  • Coupons Required Painting (Time to Chat 6:04)
  • Pure Dried Eggs Tin (Time to Chat 7:52)
  • Darning Mushroom (Time to Chat 10:11)
  • Rag Bag Doll (Time to Chat 12:04)
  • Incendiary Bomb (Time to Chat 14:07)
  • Wartime Wedding Photograph (Time to Chat 16:41)

We hope you enjoy watching this video and reminiscing about the past. For more dementia-friendly reminiscence resources please visit our Outreach and Dementia Friendly Workshops web page.

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