Mock Banana Sandwiches

Mock Banana Sandwiches

When life gives you parsnips…. make banana sandwiches! 🍌🍞

Due to food shortages during the Second World War, rationing was introduced and the government carefully planned what was transported on ships and what people could do without. The Dig for Victory campaign encouraged people to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home, but they certainly couldn’t grow bananas in Northern Ireland’s climate. Bananas were greatly missed and a song called When Can I Have a Banana Again? by Harry Roy and his band was often played on the wireless.

Interestingly some bananas were grown in the Tropical Ravine in Belfast Botanic Gardens and were sent to the British Red Cross Society. We’ve interviewed many people who lived through those times and some remember making Mock Banana Sandwiches with boiled parsnips. Irene Millar told us that they didn’t fool her and didn’t taste great, but that she ate them anyway. Harry Williamson’s mother served his with custard and he has fond memories of eating them.

Why don’t you have a go yourself? Find the recipe on our Learning Resources page.

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