7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags!

Find out the 7 themes of the 2016’s edition

Monday 28/03
Monday is dedicated to discovering your most well-kept secrets! Show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your museum!

Tuesday 29/03
Tuesday is dedicated to honor the people – well known or anonymous – who have helped make your museum. Feature your founders, other icons, and current staff members and talk about their expertise!

Wednesday 30/03
Wednesday is about telling the story of your building(s), your garden(s), your neighborhood or other key locations for your institution. Introduce your museum from a different point of view!

Thursday 31/03
On Thursday, focus on your tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Help your audience discover the variety of content your institution has on view, in storage or online!

Friday 01/04
On Friday, share your most innovative projects, your barriers to innovation, your research or your institutional goals, all of which can lead to a greater understanding of your future initiatives and developments!

Saturday 02/04
Saturday zoom in on your content by sharing details and anecdotes that provide an interesting insight into your collection (e.g., images of hands or frames, anecdotes about the origins of a book…).

Sunday 03/04
Sunday, time to share what you love about your place! Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your museum’s greatest attractions (art works, displays, rooms…) and use Twitter as a helping tool for the visit!

Museum Week

Museum Week



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