The War and Me – Oral History project

‘The War and Me’ Oral History project

The NIWM recently launched a new Oral History project The War and Me appealing to the public to share their memories of the war years.

Click here to view The War and Me Oral History project flyer

As a museum we would like to record how the people of Northern Ireland were affected by the Second World War.

Stories and memories are incredibly important to us and will be stored permanently in the museum collection and made available to researchers, school groups and the media.

This project which will run for 18 months, will see many more stories recorded for the museum’s archive.








We want to hear stories about the Belfast Blitz, the US Forces stationed in NI, the evacuation of children to the countryside, farming and industry, the work of Air Raid Wardens, the Home Guard and those who enlisted in the Army, RAF and the Navy.

Some of the questions we are asking are:

  • Can you remember the Belfast Blitz?
  • Perhaps you lived near an American Base?
  • Did you or a relative work in a munitions factory?
  • Do you remember receiving a gas mask?
  • Was your family evacuated to the countryside?
  • Did you serve in the ARP or Ulster Home Guard?
  • Did you enlist in the ATS, the WAAF, or the WRNS?

Dr Susan Kelly, our Oral History Researcher can conduct and record an audio interview in your home or at the museum.

If you or someone you know would be happy to share their story please email us at

If you’d like to speak to us about the project or arrange an interview please call us on 028 9032 0392

Alternatively, if you would like to write your story down you can post it to us at:

Northern Ireland War Memorial

The War and Me Oral History Project

21 Talbot Street



As an accredited museum, we welcome donations of photographs and objects relating to the Second World War in Northern Ireland. Please get in touch if you have something you’d like to gift to the museum.

We would love to hear your story.

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