Learning Resources

Learning Resources

We have a variety of free learning resources which can be used at home or in the classroom.

We hope you enjoy using these resources. Share your creations with us using the hashtag #niwarmemorial on our Social Media platforms:

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While we’re temporarily closed to the public, we’re still available to answer any learning enquiries you have. Find out more about our schools programme by emailing learning@niwarmemorial.org

If you haven’t already, please complete our Teacher’s Survey to let us know how we can engage your class with the story of the Second World War in Northern Ireland.

Craft Packs

Are you learning about the Second World War in Northern Ireland?

Inside our Craft Packs you will find lots of learning and fun as you make your own Identity Card, Ration Book and Spitfire. Each Craft Pack includes colouring pencils and a badge sealed in a biodegradable wallet. Perfect for school teachers too!

Please email info@niwarmemorial.org if you would like a Craft Pack. Teachers, please let us know your class size and we can make arrangements for you to collect them from the museum.

While we are temporarily closed to the public, you can still arrange to pick up your FREE Second World War Craft Pack from the museum.

Watch and Learn

Visit our Watch and Learn tab for fun educational videos about the Second World War in Northern Ireland.

The Science of the Second World War – We are so excited to be taking part in this year’s NI Science Festival 2021. We have worked with the brilliant Party Professor, Clare Childs and Stephen Beggs to create two videos that look at Rationing and Inventions during the Second World War. Head to our Watch and Learn tab to find out more.

Second World War Stories for Kids – We hope you enjoy listening to some of our favourite Second World War stories for kids. This video includes stories about the Belfast Blitz, and some rather funny stories about rationing, smuggling and American GIs. We heard all of these stories from people who lived in Northern Ireland during the war.

NIWM on C2K Newsdesk – Watch a series of short programmes about the Second World War in Northern Ireland created in collaboration with C2K. Each episode highlights objects and stories from the museum’s collection as Jenny and Amelia explore topics such as rationing, evacuation, the Belfast Blitz and VE Day.

These programmes were created for the C2K Junior Newsdesk and so are suitable for a Key Stage 1 audience but will still be of interest to Key Stage 2.

NIWM Craft Challenge

Make your own ration book

Make your own identity card

Make your own Spitfire

Wartime Word Search

Make Your Own Christmas Card

Wartime Ration Recipes

Wartime recipes that you can try;

NIWM Colouring Challenge

VE Day 2020 – 75th Anniversary

Host your own VE Day Garden party

On 8th May 2020 it was exactly 75 years since the Second World War in Europe ended. Many plans were made to celebrate this important anniversary but most were cancelled as we all stayed at home due to COVID 19.

However, there is still lots we can learn about VE Day 75 years ago. We would like to share these stories with you and encourage you to learn about this important day..

Try some of our VE Day activities

VE Day 75 Craft Challenges

We have been working with a few friends of the museum to create online Craft Challenges for all ages to enjoy to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May 2020.  🎨

In our first tutorial, local artist, Hannah Ferguson and her son Ralphie show you how to create a Dig for Victory poster using odds and ends from their recycling bin, crayons and some paint.🖍

In our second tutorial, Kelsey from Squiggles and Giggles shows you how to make a VE Day Party Hat using odds and ends from your recycling bin and some paint. We hope you’ve been saving your egg boxes and toilet roll/ kitchen roll tubes!

In our third tutorial, local artist, Hannah Ferguson and her son Ralphie make a VE Day bunting inspired planter using Ralphie’s old t-shirt, a tin, a potato and some paint.

Check out our VE Day Craft Challenges on our Youtube Channel and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to see more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHcO8nudbNkilI9mRhYyCQg?view_as=subscriber

VE Day Sing for Victory for kids

This Belfast Telegraph photograph shows a children’s party marching along Royal Avenue in Belfast on VE Day 75 years ago.

(c) Belfast Telegraph- A Children’s party marching along Royal Avenue on VE Day 1945

Music was an important part of the celebrations and playing a musical instrument was popular at the time. We have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing people who attended VE Day celebrations. Robin was a young man at the time and he sat in the back of a jeep playing a trumpet as the jeep was driven around Belfast City Hall. In Lisburn Square, Jim won a Lambeg Drumming competition and Harry marched around Portglenone playing his accordion until 3am in the morning!

Music and singing continue to be used to celebrate and remain positive.

We have put together a VE Day Sing for Victory sing-along for kids and an accompanying songbook which we hope children will enjoy as they remember #VEDay75.

Download our Sing for Victory Songbook and check out our YouTube video which you can singalong with.

Have Yourself a Merry Wartime Christmas

We are so excited to be working with local artist Hannah Ferguson again to create 3 new Christmas Craft videos for kids.🎄

Learn more about Christmas during the Second World War and make some festive decorations to get your house ready for Christmas.

In the first Christmas Craft video of the series, Hannah shows you how to make a Holly Garland using recycled cardboard and materials easily found around the house:

In the second video, Hannah makes some Salt Dough Decorations inspired by Knitwear from the NIWM Collection:

In the third and final video of the series, Hannah shows you how to make a ‘Tiny Treasures’ Mini Wreath Brooch inspired by a handmade Brooch from the NIWM Collection using materials easily found around the house:

We hope you enjoyed this NIWM Christmas Craft series. Get in touch on our social media or email info@niwarmemorial.org and let us know what other crafts you would like us to do.

Visit our YouTube Channel to view more Craft Challenge videos and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHcO8nudbNkilI9mRhYyCQg?view_as=subscriber.

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