B is for Bell

Ship’s bell from HMS Egilsay in War Memorial Gallery

An original ship’s bell is the latest addition to the collection at the War Memorial Gallery.  The bell belonged to HMS Egilsay, one of 118 Isles-class naval trawlers commissioned during the Second World War for minesweeping duties with the Royal Naval Patrol Service.  The ships took their names from islands in the Western Isles of Scotland.

HMS Egilsay was built at Hull and launched in 1942.  The trawler was used for minesweeping duties and harbour defence in the Mediterranean.  The vessel was sold to Italy in 1946 and scrapped on being decommissioned.

The bell has been loaned to the gallery by the Black family, whose father, Jim Black, served on the ship during WW2.  It is now on permanent display.

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