Object of the Month – December 2019

Object of the Month – December 2019

No prizes for anyone who guessed that Object of the Month for December would have a festive theme!

Below are Christmas cards depicting Langford Lodge in Co. Antrim (NIWM:2017.2142.7 and NIWM:2017.2142.8)

Langford Lodge was the largest United States Army Air Force airfield to be developed in Northern Ireland. Uniquely, it was operated by the civilian Lockheed Overseas Corporation (LOC) on behalf of the Eighth Air Force Service Command until May 1944.

Around 4,000 American civilians were employed and lived at the base and an equal number of locals were employed as clerks, labourers and drivers etc and they commuted to the base daily. Some even came from as far away as Dungannon!

The base was linked to the main railway line at Crumlin by a purpose built railway, it had its own hospital and the Americans even produced their own newspaper called ‘The Daily Magnet’. The Christmas 1943 edition (NIWM:2017.2142.2) is pictured below and features pictures of the Christmas party thrown for local children in 1942.

All the staff at the Northern Ireland War Memorial would like to wish all our followers a very merry Christmas and we look forward to sharing what 2020 brings with you all.

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