Object of the Month – November 2019

Object of the Month – November 2019

Egilsay Bell

This brass bell belonged to HMT Egilsay (T215), an Isles-class trawler commissioned during the Second World War for duties with the Royal Naval Patrol Service (RNPS).

Egilsay was built by Cooke, Welton and Gemmell Ltd, Beverley, Yorkshire and commissioned on 8th July 1942. She saw service in home coastal waters, as well as the Mediterranean where she was used for minesweeping duties and harbour defence. After the war the ship was sold to the Italian Navy.

The RNPS was also known as ‘Harry Tate’s Navy’ or ‘Churchills Pirates’, especially by the Royal Navy as the RNPS often used poorly armed, requisitioned trawlers. However, the men of the RNPS came to proudly adopt the nickname.

The bell has been loaned to the Northern Ireland War Memorial by the Black family, whose father, Jim Black (pictured), was one of the 50 crew onboard HMT Egilsay during the Second World War. Able Seaman Jim Black was from Douglas Bridge, Co. Tyrone and he served up until 1946 after enlisting in 1941. He also served onboard MMS 64 (J564), HMS Coldstreamer (T337) and HMT Hascosay (T390) during the Second World War.

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Northern Ireland War Memorial

21 Talbot Street, Belfast, BT1 2LD

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