Object of the Month

Belfast City Tramway Route Map and Guide (NIWM:2018.2184)

With the introduction of the new Translink Gliders next month in mind, our object of the month for August is this ‘Belfast City Tramway Route Map and Guide’.

Produced in September 1920, the map shows just how extensive the tram network once was in Belfast with termini as far out as Glengormley, Andersonstown and Dundonald. What makes this item truly unique however is that it has been annotated to show damage done to the network during the Belfast Blitz in April/May 1941.






A ⨂ shows the damage caused by the Luftwaffe during the Easter Tuesday Raid on the night of 15/16th April.

While a * shows damage sustained during the Fire Raid on the night of 4/5th May. This raid became known as the Fire Raid due to the approx. 96,000 incendiary bombs that were dropped during the raid.

A larger version of the map is now on display in our temporary exhibition on the Belfast Blitz.


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