Groups and Outreach

Groups and Outreach

Informal Learning – tours and talks for community groups

NIWM offers guided tours and talks for community groups.  A guided tour of the museum can be complemented with a talk or short film highlighting specific areas of study such as;

  • The Home Front and the Belfast Blitz
  • Rationing, austerity and Make do and Mend
  • News Reel footage of Northern Ireland during the Second World War
  • The American Presence in Ulster 1942-1944
  • The Home Guard in Northern Ireland
  • Coloured cine film footage showing various aspects of life in Northern Ireland during the Second World War

Visits usually last around an hour and can be adapted to suit the needs of the group.

We offer a specially tailored tour for partially sighted groups.

All NIWM staff have completed Dementia Awareness training with the Alzheimer’s Society. NIWM offers a range of dementia friendly activities:

  • reminiscence object handling session based on childhood in the 1940s
  • a Sing for Victory sing-along workshop

Visits usually take place in the afternoons but morning, evening or weekend sessions can be arranged.

For more details or to book a visit please contact

Sing for Victory Workshop at the Northern Ireland War Memorial

Outreach Programme

NIWM offers talks and reminiscence sessions for community groups around the topic of the Home Front in Northern Ireland during the Second World War.

A talk can talk place in the meeting place of a group (for example a church or a community hall) and usually last approximately 1 hour.

The talk normally consists of a presentation of photographs of Belfast before and after the air raids in 1941. This is complemented by a display of objects from the museum’s handling collection.  Every session is different, depending on the interests of the group.  Talks can be tailored to themes such as;

  • Rationing
  • Make do and mend
  • The Belfast Blitz 1941
  • The American Presence in Ulster 1942-1944.

Cost: Free

Booking required

To discuss a visit please contact

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