The Northern Ireland War Memorial publish books about both the First and Second World War.

All of our publications are available to buy directly from the museum, through Colourpoint, on Amazon or through mail order by emailing

Large Publications:

Ulster and the First World War by Jonathan Bardon is about the experience of the people of all of Ulster, both at home and overseas, throughout a conflict which was on such an unprecedented scale that it became known at the time simply as the Great War. Price: £10.00.

From Ulster to the Dardanelles by Philip Orr focuses on several individuals from the nine-county province of Ulster, who served in the Gallipoli Campaign during the First World War and the local impact of the Gallipoli campaign. Price: £8.00.

Overhead and Over Here by Ernie Cromie is a succinct account of American military aviation in Northern Ireland during the Second World War, which was extensive in its scope. Price: £8.00

A Nurse in Belfast by Trevor Parkhill – Emma Duffin’s diary is an eye-witness account of the devastating air raids and aftermath of the Belfast Blitz in 1941. The diary has been transcribed and is represented with illustrations and contextual information by the editor, Trevor Parkhill. Price: £10.00.

The Somme: 24 June – 19 November 1916 by Richard Doherty – On 24 June 1916, the Battle of the Somme began as British and French artillery opened a bombardment on the German lines. The 36th (Ulster) Division, 16th (Irish) Division and battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Leinster Regiment, Royal Munster Fusiliers, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, London Irish Rifles and the Irish cavalry regiments are all part of the story outlined in this book. Nor are those Irish soldiers who fought in Australian and Canadian forces forgotten. Price: £15.00.                  

Small Publications:

Passing Through by John Potter – The story of the United States Army in Northern Ireland 1942- 1944. Price: £2.00.

The Derry Boys by Richard Doherty – The story of the 9th (Londonderry) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve) 1939-1946. Price: £2.00.

So Vast An Armada by Ian Wilson – From Belfast Lough to D-Day. Price: £3.00.

Pim and Churchill’s Map Room by John Potter – Based on the papers of Captain Richard Pim, RNVR Supervisor of Churchill’s Map Room 1939-1945. Price: £5.00.

The following publications are out of stock but are available for digital download:

The Lion Has Wings – Brian Desmond Hurst

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, NIWM held various screenings of the 1939 film The Lion Has Wings by Belfast-born director Brian Desmond Hurst.

NIWM is currently working with the Brian Desmond Hurst Estate to highlight his films on conflict and the role of propaganda and film making during the Second World War. As a result of the screenings, NIWM produced a commemorative booklet about the production of The Lion Has Wings with Allan Esler Smith, great-nephew of Brian Desmond Hurst. The booklet is available to download below:

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