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Oral History Collection


David Honneyman

Story Teller: David Honneyman

Date of Sound:

Length of Story: 6m 45s

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Violet Sloan
Violet (b.1924) talks about the American dances at the Plaza Ballroom in Chichester Street Belfast as well as what sort of clothes and make up they would have worn.
Alec Murray
Alec (b. 1931) talks about Segregation amongst American troops, Eisenhower’s visit post-war & the American plane crash on Cave Hill.
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Mabel (b. 1910) talks about an American stationed in Belfast who became friends with her brother and his fiancé.
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Arnie (b. 1944) talks about his namesake Roscoe Taylor Arnold, an American GI known as ‘Tex’ who married Arnie’s cousin, Lily.
Tom Hanna
Tom (b. 1932) remembers the bombing of Pearl Harbour, America entering the war and some of the Americans his sister Winnie dated.
Sadie Lineker
Sadie (b. 1924) fondly remembers attending the Red Cross dances and trips they put on for American soldiers stationed in Belfast.
Irene Millar
Irene (b. 1931) talks about her sister who met and married an American GI from Alabama.
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Walter (b. 1925) tells some stories about the Americans stationed in Northern Ireland during the war.
Gerard Topping
Gerry (b. 1928) talks about when the Americans arrived in his hometown of Lurgan.
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Eileen (b. 1934) talks about the Americans arriving in Coleraine.
Mollie Morgan
Mollie (b. 1925) talks about the American dances at the Plaza Ballroom on Chichester Street, Belfast.

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