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Blitz Victims List


Harold Edwin Burton

Key Facts

Occupation/Rank: 815216, Corporal, No 19 Bomb Disposal Unit

Date of Death: 22 June 1941

Age: 24

Although not killed during an air raid on Northern Ireland, Corporal Harold Edwin Burton still lost his life as a result of the blitz.

He and Sergeant Boulden were tasked with clearing a bomb crater on the 22 June 1941 when they were suffocated by a pocket of Carbon Monoxide gas.

He is buried in Redhill Cemetery, Nottingham.

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Surname Forename(s) Age Occupation/Rank Date of Death Place of Death  
Boulden Arthur Walter Edward 24 542316, Sergeant, No 19 Bomb Disposal Unit 22 June 1941 - View

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