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Wartime Recipes

Recipes from the Second World War often demonstrate how our parents, grandparents and great grandparents had to become experts in 'making a little go a long way.' These days we're more and more conscious of food waste and getting the most from our weekly shop.

Why don't you accept our wartime cookery challenge and have a go at making some of the yummy wartime recipes below.

Wartime Recipes

Mock Banana Sandwiches

Make a Mock Banana Sandwich using parsnip and banana essence.

Did you know? Bananas were hard to come by during the Second World War and most children who grew up during that time, did not see or taste their first banana until after the war.

Download Mock Banana Sandwich Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipes

Bread Pudding

Use up your stale bread with this ration recipe for Bread Pudding.

Did you know? In wartime people were told to never throw away stale bread. It could be used as breadcrumbs in savoury or sweet puddings. Strips of bread could be baked to make 'rusks'.

Download Bread Pudding Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipes

Cheese Pancakes

Create some tasty Cheese Pancakes using dried eggs (or two fresh ones if you have them)!

Did you know? Dried eggs were sold in a tin and they became available from July 1942. Tinned eggs took up less space on ships and could be used to make omelettes, scrambled eggs and cakes.

Download Cheese Pancakes Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipe

Carrot Biscuits

Make some ration recipe carrot biscuits to share with friends and family.

Did you know? During the Second World War the public were told that eating carrots would help them see better in the Blackout.

Download Carrot Biscuit Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipes

Chocolate Sponge Pudding

There's an unusual ingredient in this Chocolate Sponge Pudding...

Are you brave enough to try it?

Did you know? It became popular to add potato to desserts in wartime as it was thought that they could replace half the fat which would otherwise be needed. Potatoes could be grown at home so they cut down on shipping.

Download Chocolate Sponge Pudding Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipes

Scotch Eggs

Make a ration recipe Scotch Egg using reconstituted dried eggs and sausagemeat...

Did you know? To turn a dried egg into a fresh one, mix one level tablespoon of the powder with two tablespoons of water. This mixture equals one fresh egg.

Download Scotch Eggs Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipe

Carrot Cake

Make a Wartime Carrot Cake using this ration recipe.

Did you know? The Ministry of Food created a character called Dr Carrot to encourage people to eat this healthy and easily grown vegetable. His cheerful sayings included, 'I'll put a pep in your step' and 'Dr Carrot guards your health'.

Download Carrot Cake Ration Recipe JPEG

Wartime Recipes

Rations for one person for one week

Food rationing was introduced in January 1940 and the quantities varied from month to month as food became more or less available.

Children were allowed extra rations of milk to make sure they got enough calcium for growing bones and concentrated orange juice to make sure that they got enough Vitamin C.

Download Rations for one person per week JPEG

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