• Interviewee of the Month – February 2021

    Interviewee of the Month - February 2021 Our interviewee of the month for February is Victor Maddalena (W&M21) who was born in Belfast in August...Read More

  • Mapping the Blitz

    Mapping the Blitz This year marks the 80th anniversary of the ‘Belfast Blitz’, a defining moment in the history and development of Belfast...Read More

  • Valentine’s Day 2021

    Valentine's Day 2021 Today is Valentine’s Day, and the perfect opportunity to highlight one of the many love stories in our Oral History...Read More

  • Playful Museums Festival 2021

    Playful Museums Festival 2021 We're proud to be a Playful Museum with the Northern Ireland Museums Council. Did you know that we provide fun...Read More

  • Mock Banana Sandwiches

    Mock Banana Sandwiches When life gives you parsnips.... make banana sandwiches! Due to food shortages during the Second World War, rationing...Read More

  • Interviewee of the Month – Lily Foster

    Interviewee of the Month - Lily Foster Our interviewee of the month is Lily Foster (neé Crowe) who was born in October 1924. Lily grew up in Fermanagh...Read More

  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

    Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 Every year we mark #HolocaustMemorialDay with the Primary Schools who visit us. Some are surprised to hear that during the...Read More

  • NIWM Oral History Project

    NIWM Oral History Project The Northern Ireland War Memorial would like to record how the people of Northern Ireland were affected by the Second World...Read More

  • Temporary Closure

    Following further guidelines from the NI Executive, we will close from Wednesday 23rd December for a planned six week period. We wish you a very merry...Read More

  • Christmas Memories

    Christmas Memories This month we’re highlighting some Christmas memories from our oral history collection. Times were certainly tough for...Read More

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    Object of the Month – December 2019

    Object of the Month - December 2019 No prizes for anyone who guessed that Object of the Month for December would have a festive theme! Below are...

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