April – May 2015

Easter closure
April 2, 2015 – April 7, 2015 all-day
Easter closure
‘In my day, all we got for Easter was a carrot on a stick!’ During the war there were food shortages as enemy submarines began [...]
4th Anniversary of the Belfast Blitz
2015 marks the 74th anniversary of the Belfast Blitz. Visitors are welcome to attend a commemorative service in the gallery of the War Memorial where [...]
70th Anniversary of VE Day
May 7, 2015 – May 9, 2015 all-day
70th Anniversary of VE Day
2015 marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day and we would like to hear your memories! Call in and tell us what you know about [...]
May 8, 2015 all-day
VE (Victory in Europe) Day was celebrated on 8th May 1945, officially announcing the end of World War Two in Europe. For the people of [...]

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