U.S. 75 Museum Exhibition 2017
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day

US flag

When: Ongoing throughout 2017

What: NIWM will continue to remember the arrival of the American Troops and the lasting friendships that they made while here with temporary displays in the museum gallery.

Visitors to the museum will be able to view:

  • The GI Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland
  • American military insignia and uniform
  • Everyday kit used by the troops while stationed in NI
U.S. 75 Oral History Project 2017
Jan 1 – Dec 31 all-day

When: Ongoing throughout 2017

What:  The NIWM is expanding its oral history collection. We use extracts from our oral history collection in publications, exhibitions, radio and television programmes and for our education programme. If you or someone you know would be happy to share their story with a history researcher and have it recorded for the museum’s collection please get in touch at

Can you remember their arrival?
Did you live near a base or attend a dance at one of their clubs?
Did you know someone who became a GI bride?

Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute @ United Kingdom
Nov 11 all-day

On 11th November 2018, the United Kingdom and its friends overseas will mark the day 100 years ago when the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War.

Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute is a series of commemorative events that already has over 800 councils, communities and organisations involved.

To find your local event or for more information on the series of commemorations and on how you can take part please see the below document.

Battle’s Over Guide

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