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Blitz Victims List


Edward Warburton Phillips

Key Facts

Occupation/Rank: Engineer

Date of Death: 16 April 1941

Place of Death: 213 Antrim Road

Age: 30

Edward was presumed dead as a ‘consequence of war operations’ at an inquest held at Belfast City Hall on 29 October 1941.

He died when No. 213 Antrim Road suffered a direct hit from a parachute mine during the Easter Tuesday Raid. Six others at this address lost their lives.

He was the son of John and Mary Evelyn Phillips, Hawkhurst, Shear Bank Road, Blackburn.

Related People

Surname Forename(s) Age Occupation/Rank Date of Death Place of Death  
Brookes Wilfrid Mark Hamilton 23 37846, Flight Lieutenant, 231 Squadron 16 April 1941 Gloucester Villa, 213 Antrim Road View
Faux Christopher Youraba 49 Ministry of Supply 16 April 1941 213 Antrim Road View
Irvine Georgina 43 Maid 16 April 1941 213 Antrim Road View
Kingston Ronald Victor 28 115422, Captain 16 April 1941 213 Antrim Road View
Orr Raymond 31 Claims Manager 16 April 1941 213 Antrim Road View
Redman Myrtle Edwina Freida 23 Clerk 16 April 1941 213 Antrim Road View

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