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NIWM Craft Challenge

Get creative with our NIWM Craft Challenges!

Step-by-step instructions show you how to make wartime toys from the contents of your recycling bin.

We hope you enjoy making these wartime toys, find more NIWM Craft Challenges below and share your creations with us using the hashtag #niwarmemorial on social media.

NIWM Craft Challenge

Flying Paper Darts

Grab some scrap paper and have a go at making some Flying Paper Darts.

Download Flying Paper Darts PDF

NIWM Craft Challenge

Funny Faces

Join a few sheets of scrap paper together to form a book of funny faces.

Try mixing faces, hats and shoulders to create different characters.

For more inspiration, watch our How to Make a Funny Faces Booklet video with Squiggles & Giggles on YouTube.

Download Funny Faces PDF

NIWM Craft Challenge

Tin Telephones

Gather two empty tin cans and make a Tin Telephone with a friend.

Make sure your tin cans are clean and without sharp edges.

Even a whisper will travel a long way if it is held tight!

Download Tin Telephone PDF

NIWM Craft Challenge

Wee Wheel

A slightly harder craft challenge that will require the help of an adult.

Create a Wee Wheel with an old brush handle and some wood.

Download Wee Wheel PDF

NIWM Craft Challenge

Whizzing Wheel

Grab a friend and try this NIWM Craft Challenge!

Using a large button, tread it through some strong cotton or string and twist to make the button revolve.

Download Whizzing Wheel PDF

NIWM Craft Challenge

Wind Mills

Make a Wind Mill with this NIWM Craft Challenge.

Use your windmill as the propellor of a model plane or place it in between some flowers in your garden.

Download Wind Mills PDF

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