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Blitz Victims List


Kathleen Duff

Key Facts

Occupation/Rank: Machinist and ARP Telephonist

Date of Death: 16 April 1941

Place of Death: ARP Post, Trinity Street

Age: 16

Kathleen was killed when a parachute mine struck the spire of Trinity Street Church during the Easter Tuesday Raid.

Her colleagues of Civil Defence Post 396 Maurice, Shaun, Rory, Robert, Thomas and Eileen were also killed in this incident.

Kathleen is buried in Milltown Cemetery.

Related People

Surname Forename(s) Age Occupation/Rank Date of Death Place of Death  
Farrelly Maurice Phillip 26 ARP Warden 16 April 1941 Unity Street View
McKenna John (Sean) 15 Shop Assistant and ARP Messenger 16 April 1941 20 Unity Street View
Quinn John Roderick (Rory) 18 ARP Warden 16 April 1941 41 Unity Street View
Hood Robert Dalzell 17 Sackman and ARP Warden 16 April 1941 ARP Post Unity Street View
Cooke Thomas 22 ARP Warden 16 April 1941 34 Unity Street View
McWhinney Eileen 18 Trouser Presser and ARP Telephonist 16 April 1941 22 Unity Street View

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